Starting Lineups for April 18, 2014

Las Vegas 51s (12-3, 1st Pacific South)

1. Seratelli, Anthony (LF)
2. Campbell, Eric (2B)
3. Abreu, Bobby (RF)
4. Flores, Wilmer (SS)
5. Dykstra, Allan(1B)
6. Lutz, Zach (3B)
7. den Dekker, Matt (CF)
8. Teagarden, Taylor (C)
9. Montero, Rafael (P)

Reno Aces (6-9, 3rd Pacific North)

1. Inciarte, Ender (CF)
2. Gregorius, Didi (SS)
3. Marte, Alfredo (LF)
4. Jacobs, Mike (1B)
5. Evans, Nick (3B)
6. Kieschnick, Roger (RF)
7. Lalli, Blake (C)
8. Ahmed, Nick (2B)
9. Sanabia, Alex (P)

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